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Countdown to Christmas!

Here is some useful information on how Santa operates!

How Do I book?

You book by calling / texting 07803 710700 or emailing santa.sy@fastmail.co.uk with details of your requirements etc, then I’ll get back to you with some questions and if required some form filling for party/event/family details etc so it all goes right on the day!

How do the visits work?

Well, all events can be individually customised but basically could follow this sort of path:-
Unlike a shopping centre grotto visit to Father Christmas, your visit will be far more personal and magical, with the flexibility to meet Santa when it fits in with your schedule. Father Christmas will appear at your front door or party venue, possibly to the sound of his sleigh bells and bring the traditional warmth and spirit of Christmas into your home/venue. 

Everyone will gather round and Santa (with a little previous help from you) will know the children’s names, what they’ve been up to at school and what they received last year from him, plus any other relevant facts and trivia that will hopefully thrill and interest the children. 

Every child will then be able to speak with Santa and tell him about their wish list – big kids and adults too if they’re up to it. (Don’t worry – Santa never, EVER promises anything). You are more than welcome to take as many photos or video throughout the visit, which means that all those magic moments will be captured forever.

What information do you need for a booking?

Well, the info will depend on what event you are booking with Santa but it will certainly include the names of the children (or adults) involved, ages etc. Santa also brings some goodies – chocolates, sweets or fruit, so it will be useful to know which is appropriate etc. Don’t worry though, when you book you will receive a form to complete detailing all the info required (address of event, numbers of people etc).

Why choose Santa South Yorkshire?

If you live in South Yorkshire and you need a Santa or Father Christmas for your event, family, business etc, then give us a chance to show you how good we can be. Santa SY is reliable, local, own transport (car rather than the sledge !), with own quality Santa outfit to make the event you are involved in just that little bit more magical and festive. Value rates too!

Any rules on taking photos of Santa at events?

The event is yours and Santa is happy to pose for as many pictures as you might want or need! He can pose with children and adults alike to help secure those cherished memories forever. If you want professional photos taking of your event with Santa please ask about that as an additional option.

Are there any other costs involved?

If there are, they will be discussed with you at booking time, as no-one likes those sorts of surprises do they! The prices shown are the prices charged and apply to an event anywhere in South Yorkshire. The only additional costs might be (for example) holding an event in the middle of Sheffield, and a parking allowance may have to be added. Or if the event is outside South Yorkshire, there may be an additional travel charge. This will be confirmed when you book.

When do I pay? Up front or after the event?

Santa will not be best looked upon taking cash from people at the event, so for ease and for no disappointments, all payments will need to be fully complete at least 48 hours prior to the event start. If full payment cannot be done up front, a 25% or £15 (whichever is bigger) non-refundable deposit will secure the date and time. Payment may be made by Bank Transfer or via PayPal (no PayPal account required) or by card over the phone. A reminder re payment of any balance will be sent around a week before the event date.

What happens about bad weather or Santa getting sick…?

These things are not predictable. In case of bad weather making the trip dangerous or impossible, a full refund will be given of ALL monies paid. Santa will obviously do his best to get to an event, but (ironically) snow/ice etc may stop play…!

If Santa is sick, there is a standby Santa available who can cover these absences. If standby cover cannot be provided for any reason, a full refund will be given (maximum liability is what you’ve paid). Where possible a second visit can be arranged.

What happens if I cancel?

If you cancel with 72 hours or more to go, there will be NO charge and any monies paid will be refunded. If less than 72 hours and before the day, 50% of the booking charge will be payable. If you cancel on the day, then I’m afraid no refund can be made. For commercial bookings (eg. hotel / shop organised events etc) slightly different arrangements apply, please request details. If Covid (or similar pandemic and Government restrictions) causes the cancellation ALL monies will be refunded.